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Image by Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma’s 101 travel tips to India is one of the most informative articles on travelling to India. It features handy tips and tricks that is bound to make your travelling experience a positive and memorable one. What differentiates this article from others is how honestly Sharma explores the reality of India, which I believe should be one of the most important traits of a travel blogger. Sharma prepares you for the roller coaster ride of a travel you will have in India by exploring all sorts of issues in her article including beggars, poverty, tobacco products and safety whilst awakening your cultural awareness of the country. Make sure you check it out!


Image by The Hungry Partier

India: The Ultimate Travel Guide
is an article published by Drew Binsky on his blog, The Hungry Partier. As the title suggests, this article is a complete guide to travelling in India written from the perspective of a male American. Binsky summarises his experience of India and touches on the negatives and positives of travelling in India. The article provides ample information on India’s culture, people, food, nightlife as well as helpful travel tips. Like most articles on this blog, this one is a must read!

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